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Jan 2010

here is an opportunity in this moment in the way that conditions offer. From the sky has come water in crystal form. The molecular vibration is 6 as snow. Water normally oscillates between the molecular vibrations of 5 and 6
Land covered with water in a crystalline form is connected by this one network of crystal, which if charged with loving intention will, at the appointed moment, melt gently into the soil... A vast network tangibly connected across fields roads and water. Another chance for mass fertilisation and purification.
Therefore, as an example, any healings, love-makings and efforts made with awareness toward our humanity, harmony and truth, loving intentions etc toward the world of which we dream, in which we may have our feet in bowl of water (meditation or healing etc) or any mindful cleansing be it a bath, shower or glass of water present in the room, (rolling in the snow?) – this water taken in part in a glass or container offered to the land (preferably not with tarmac and concrete underneath) through contact with the snow, will charge the crystal over vast areas.

WHY Do this?
The message received is that Our wounds and cleansings offered such are the nourishment the land longs for, needs to renew, to turn to soil and to offer us back to fertility*
We are tunable to be crystalline forms in consciousness. By letting go our stuff to the earth, we feed her, we purify ourselves and we prepare to enter the earth to be fully here and thence a fully aware crystal embedded such can operate by conducting the cosmic wave-lengths of harmonious transition and maintenance which establishes balance with the Galactic centre. This work heals Gaia's rebalance, she to us we to her and all to the Galactic centre. We are the living guidance systems that work for her by doing our work, living our truth, dreaming our dream and grounding.
*We who are healers who carry shame or doubt about letting go of our "shit" in case of any miss-directed idea that it will further pollute the astral environment, rest easy. Our stuff is food for the Mother.

Above is a sequence that I "saw" and illustrated a few years ago working with a friend who had a vortex at the field where she lived.
Through the work that we did it shows the crystal floating, detached, separated from the land. By our attention, the crystal (us, though not understood at that time as "us") clarifies, energizes and recharges, rises in preparation, then embeds into the earth, grounding and connecting both with earth, air, light and cosmos. Water is the key here in the storm (or snow)

One love



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